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Friday, April 13, 2018

For all collectors, and especially Machin collectors, this is something I hope you enjoy seeing. Many Machins are hard to find, especially some of the side band and phosphor band varieties because they were only issued in Stamp Booklets

This se-tenant pane came from the 1990 Lindon Life Book and it has a Tower Hill London Cancel. It has an interesting mix of Machins, with regular Machins, the double heads which were issued for the 150th Anniversary of the Penny Black, and it has two NVI stamps.

It has the following • 2nd class SG 1446 phosphor band at right, • 1st class SG 1448 with 2 phosphor bands; • SG Double Heads 15p SG 1468Ea with phosphor band at right, the 20p SG 1470 with 2 phosphor bands and the 29p SG 1472 also with 2 phosphor bands, • 15p X906Ea with phosphor band and at right, • 20p SG X916 with 2 phosphor bands • 50p X922 with 2 phosphor bands.

A nice selection, perhaps you will agree, of a few of the more difficult Machins with a combined SG 2017 cat for these stamps of £36.50. When browsing at Stamp Fairs or Bourses I suggest keepi8ng an eye out for First Day Covers with se-tenant panes on them. Often the covers are damaged in some small way even though the stamps are still very clean> You might be surprised at what Machins you can sometime pick up very cheaply.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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