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Monday, September 18, 2017

Hello, I know I have said this before but by chance I came across a few stamps today - offered for sale on a stamp selling portal. Again I was shocked once more about the quality some people seem to think is acceptable to be offering for sale. This stuff is garbage material. Plain and simple.  None of them were advertised as even spacefillers, which OK, while I do not agree because these are common stamps, at least that would have been sort of getting to acceptable.  Not one even had a "with faults" commentary.

It saddens me because we all need to learn about quality, new collectors especially.  And by listing material like this the sellers are sending the wrong message about quality. They are saying this is acceptable quality when it is far from it. They are saying this is excellent used, or Used,  or sound when these are far from any of those descriptions.  Yes, I know, I am boringly repetitive but I think it is important to speak out on this.

Anyway, hope you find seeing this composite informative and a guide on what to look out for and avoid if you are adding to your collection or swapping with others.



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