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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hello, tonight I hope you will find the following of interest even though these are pretty common stamps with no real value.  I am using them to make a few points. I read lots of posts on various boards / stamp groups asking for a value of some stamp or stamps. That is impossible to do just from an image, and wisely such requests are politely referred to stamp clubs or the like.   

Let’s use these as example as I have seen posts asking for a value for same or similar stamps.  There are some things you can see from the image and some you cannot.

The first (left)  stamp is inverted watermark. You cannot see it from the image obviously, but there is a hint it might not be a regular (upright watermark)  stamp since it has short ( of clipped)  perfs on the right margin. So when sorting your GB perhaps you will see this type of short perf and decide to have a closer look at the watermark.

What about the second (middle)  stamp?   Another boring copy of SG 462, albeit it is mint unhinged, but again you cannot see that from the image. And, it is quite well centered.  To see that centering look at the third (right) stamp, which has a very thin right margin. Not that well centered. You might also think the right margin perfs are short, they are, but this is a regular upright watermark copy.

These aspects are very basic of course but perhaps start the thinking about asking for a value of stamps just from an image. And, there are many more aspects;  I have not tried to address one very obvious difference; perforation differences, which also cannot accurately be determined from a standalone image.

Big hint: get a decent catalogue and learn about the stamps for the country / period or whatever you are collecting. It will add so much pleasure to your philatelic adventure.

Enjoy your philately



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