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Monday, August 14, 2017

Hello,  seems there was some interest to the piece I wrote yesterday so just one more and this time to show two more watermarks, and a few other comments.  As I mentioned upfront yesterday, I am not showing these because of any value but to demonstrate how one cannot comment on value, let alone correctly identify a stamp, unless one has all the details about the stamp(s), which one does not have from just a scanned image of the front and perhaps even the reverse, of a stamp.

These three are obviously GB George V. The first two (left to right) are GV SG 372 from the 1912 – 24 issue. They have the watermark Simple Cypher which I hope you can see on the reverse of the stamp. This time I added a copy of the watermark as shown in the SG catalogue.  Hope that helps see it. The third, right hand, stamp is SG 422 from the 1924 – 26 issue and has watermark Block Cypher.

All very straightforward really but still, I think, nice to know which issue you have if you are collecting GB. I am using GB as my example because that is easiest for me.

But is that the end of it?  No, because the 1912 – 24 issue has 19 catalogued shades of blue and the 1924 issue has 4 shades of blue.

While I do not expect many people will even be bothered to know this, I point it out because it does show that just by seeing a single scan of a stamp – using this example  - although I could show watermarks and shades for many other countries stamps to make the point  -  one cannot necessarily determine the stamp accurately AND,  I think, just my view of course, it makes collecting stamps so interesting and enjoyable, especially if you are looking through stamps in a box lot you picked up. Keep asking those questions by all means but know why you might not get a definitive (pun intended!) answer.

Enjoy your philately, and especially enjoy vising

Regards    Michael


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