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Thursday, March 06, 2008

GB Lancaster and York issue

Hello everyone. I am back in Sydney for two days and been catching up on some stamp mail and postings. I found this MS in my mail box. You will recall I wrote about the Royalty and Heritage issue some weeks back. This is the MS from the issue. I rather like these. Your thoughts?

I had a look at the Royal Mail web site to see what they wrote about the stamps. Nothing too exciting but this text taken from their description of the Presentation pack ...

..."The two Houses were constantly at war even though both families descended from the Plantagenet King Edward III. Bettany Hughes provides an overview of the period, Kate Stephens brings the dramas to life with her use of contemporary illustrations and weapons expert Mike Loades is a mine of information about the weaponry used during the time..."

Anyone esle get a smile from the wording about Mike Loades?, are they having fun I wonder or just couldn't see the double pun.. weaponry.. Loades.. mine of.. well it amused my sense of the use of the English language.

Will be back in Seoul Monday night. Will try to write again before leaving.
Best wishes......... enjoy your stamps ............ Michael


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