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Friday, October 19, 2007

more A380 stamps for the First Commercial flight next week

Hello everyone.. been a busy day trying to finalise logistics for the A380 flights next week. Getting there though. Got my eticket today. So that is good.

Hope you like this ( facsimile) I'll no doubt be getting this miniature sheet in Singapore .. and these are the stamps I think I will also be using on my cddstamps covers. Some of my covers will have both $1 stamp and $1.10 stamp on.. these will be real special.. and at no extra cost..

Talking about my covers ........have you placed your order/ reserved a cover or two. I have to tell you I have only printed 20 of each.. I have not had time to do more and in fact I dont really want to do more as I want them to be special ..
I have a few envelopes left.. these are not just plain old stationery envelopes by the way they are quality envelopes.. .. so there will not be many more .. and I am going to kick myself for not making more given the demand I have.. but then as I say, I want them to be special, to be a few of a kind so to speak.. you might kick yourself as well, as I may well write back and say sorry you do not have a confirmed order.. waitlisted on a non payment .. well such is life I guess..
to reserve or get all pricing details please email me at

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps.. and covers... Michael


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