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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

today in history and more ........

Hello, two topics tonight.. one of interest and the second a follow up to my last piece on stamp grading and listing descriptions.As for today in history ... do you know of something that happened today many years ago that might be of interest.. at the time of its happening it was quite a famous event.. lots of fanfare I guess.. some days later things were no so good for many people. And this stamp has something to do with the event some days later. Yes I am being obtuse, but you are all so bright I am sure it won't take you long to work out what happened this day 10th April some 100 plus years ago.... Nice stamp as well I think. I will send a GB FDC to the 5th correct answer. there is a clue in the stamp as well if you look carefully.My second topic picks up on my writing a few days ago. I wrote to the seller of that stamp. The person wrote back and said they agreed with me and would change the listing.

I cannot find the stamp so don't know if they did. Sadly what I have found is some 20 listings from this seller and every one of them had the grading as "used fine" Now I am getting a bit cheesed off here people because I now know this seller is just "copying" the listing text from stamp to stamp and not changing the wording for the stamp. Hey I have done this myself.. it saves time.. but only when the text one is copying is appropriate. Now I am not going to name the seller.. or the auction site.. yet.. well I don't blame the auction site actually.... but if I tell you one, you will find the other and I want to give the seller the chance to clean up their act.
Ok, so what about this for used fine... ok I know they are not saying fine used.. as would be the more correct language for respectable sellers conforming to generally accepted nonmenclature. Let see what happens when I send my next email. Message to you all, please be careful when reading these supposed grading description. I could show you other from this same seller with clipped perfs and missing corners and heavy frankings, all the same. listed as "used fine" . And in case you are wondering, I have no idea who this person really is. All I do know is they are not a member of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association) and if they ever applied to join they would not be accepted.

Hopefully I am not becoming too boring with this topic but it is a worry to me and my colleagues and all those dealers and reputable sellers... there is a book in this topic which one day I will write me thinks.. . enjoy your stamps and don't get ripped off best wishes.......... Michael


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