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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I am getting more angry by the minute

well only because my internet speed has slowed slowed down Hello... How are you all.. thanks for the replies to my last quiz,, someone won it.. I forget who.. too tired to check to be honest.. or what it was about,,,,,,, some aircraft eh!!!!!!!!! but will tell more in coming days..

I was just browsing through some autcion lots.. and you know me by now.. I am thinking to myself.. that is not a not very honest description etc.. one after another.. so thought hello I will go to bed.. then saw this... lovely stamp eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! described as "Used Fine" ... YEAH GODS PEOPLE THIS HAS A BLOODY CORNER MISSING a few short perfs, another corner clipped and a postmark that obliterates the Queens Head.. albeit cleanly and with an identifiable what I think is double London chief office postmark. But the stamp is DAMAGED so WHY is the seller stating Used Fine. ????????? you ask him / her/ .. and they are asking for a starting bid of USD $18.50. Hopefully no one bids for this.. as a space filler ok.. but not at this price with this description.

Please tell your friends.. I really dont want to see collectors ripped off like this.. If I knew who the seller really was I would do something.. in fact I have written to them.. watch out for more news on this..

Have a great Easter weekend.. easter stamps??? read tomorrow.. Michael


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