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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

horses and stamps......... maybe

Hello everyone. Yes I have been absent. As I said some weeks ago I am really stretched for time right now. Much to my chagrin I might add.

As for stamps I have had no time to reply to letters, emails or postings so if you are waiting on something from me.. please please be patient. I will get to your mails ..

Horses have been taking up some of my time so I thought it only appropriate to say something about horses in this piece. Like why would I think of horses apart from the fact I have a few around me.. well not as I write this :-) you know what I mean.

I like this cover, your thoughts? Why would I show it.. well because today, 3rd April, was, apparently, the day that a rather famous mail service started between Saint Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento. What was that mail service? I will find a cover to send to the 20th correct entry.. and hey don’t hold back forever before you send .. I feel bad sometimes when I say first or 5th entry as some of you are so fast off the mark so to speak.

Amazing when you think of it, how the mail was delivered back then, well in the USA anyway… .. and no stamps to show for it ( am I right???) … that I know of.. even though Great Britain was using stamps by this date :-)
Enjoy your stamps and I promise I will make time to reply to emails and send you the stamps you have won or I owe you for trades … eventually.. and to some of you who have sent donations to my childrens corner.. again many thanks.. ( I am even behind on those sendings but with the Easter weekend coming I think I will catch up) which reminds me.. stamps for Easter.. have to find something special to show you



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