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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

an new flight cover

Hello, a few weeks ago I told you how I had my credit cards stolen and I had to pick pocket my wifes' purse to get a credit card to pay for a cover I wanted to buy. Here is the cover. Rather nice don't you think.

I did offer a clue at the time, as to the country I bought the cover from, but unless my memory is fading in old age I dont think anyone got it. Well now you know.. it was Gibralter. OK.. next prize question.. what is the aircraft type ... of the aircraft on the stamp itself.. for bonus prize tell me the aircraft type of the aircraft on the actual cover..

I will take the first correct answer(s) and find something some stamps you will enjoy adding to your collection. email me at and please include your mailing address.. no mailing address no prize...

What new covers and stamps have you purchased or found in trades recently? Anything you think others would like to see ?... do send me a scan and I'll try to show them.

I did receive another rather nice cover in the mail today.. will show that tomorrow..
enjoy your stamps... Michael


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