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Monday, January 08, 2007

GB prices .......some more thoughts

Hello, I received in the mail today my copy of the GB Journal from the GB Philatelic Society - excellent magazine and accompanying news booklet... I couldn't help but notice an article about stamp prices - comparing prices from different catalogues / sources.

I mentioned the SG Collect British Stamps catalogue last night and this was used as one reference. Others were Stoneham, and a couple of dealers price lists. Interesting to see that for some example stamps the SG prices were much higher than Stoneham's and the listed dealers. No surprise really. The point is take care when considering what price you think your GB stamps are worth or for that matter how much you think you can sell them for.

On the other hand take note of how much of an increase there is for some GB.

I mentioned presentation packs last night. Tonight I have this cover I picked up while in the UK. I think it will go up quite considerably in the next few years.

These smilers stamps have a history - as far as I know - of being quite good "investments"

This cover is catalogued by SG at £4.00.. Lets see what it is in 4 or 5 years.. will we be reading my blog then I guess is the question but seriously, look back at the 1990 smilers issue.. this now has a GB cat price of £26.00. I am too tired to do the DCF ( Discounted Cash Flow) on this but it seems ok a pricing to me. I am not going to try selling on eBay for a while... try searching on "Smilers"; you might be quite surprised....... even for some bargains as I see it.

Anyway, whatever you collect, enjoy.. no matter what the cat price.. as long as you enjoy having the stamps to look at and think about.. therein lies the pleasure just dont let the children ask for a stamp for a letter and take one of your prized mint treasures, especially one from a block of 10

Best wishes.. Michael


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