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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

online stamps.. something rather different I think

I read that the Royal Mail ( Great Britain) has launched an online service to allow customers to purchase postage over the internet. When I get to the UK in a few weeks I will have a go and show you the results. There is an article on this at have a look.

It says that postage purchased online will cost no more than that which uses ordinary stamps.

That is a relief; maybe it should be cheaper since we are doing the printing of the bar codes using our paper not theirs and no more awful stamp design from the Royal Mail... I don't think so ... but wait for my return from UK ....

if anyone in the UK wants to send me a letter with these on I would be pleased to reciprocate with some nice Australian covers..

Has anyone in another country got this service.. do email me.. or better still write to me at PO Box 3482, Dural, NSW 2158, Australia with an online stamp on the letter .. I would like to see some please.

Philately is not what it used to be ???? What do you think.. Enjoy your stamps..

oh, one important last question.. has anyone heard from Buddy. He and I wrote regularily ( as he did with many of us I am sure). I've seen he has not been writing his blog.. not since 8th August and, he has not replied to one of my emails.. I am a bit worried about him.. can anyone help? Best wishes.. Michael


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