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Saturday, May 27, 2006

stamps....... what stamps...

I so wanted to get some time to look at some stamps today.. but I have ended up working 13 hours in the office.. just got home.. been on phone for two hours.,. not much time left to sleep before start again tomorrow..... ok nothing to do with stamps..... but then again.. who collects stamps of sleep deprived people..... I can think of one individual who was in my view sleep deprived... and he was shown on GB and many Commonwealth stamps some years ago.. famous parlimentarian and minister any ideas.. correct answer - drawn from all correct answers - will get a GB FDC with 4 stamps, issued to commemorate him.. how many more clues can I give.. he was famous for his cigars I seem to recall... and his finger salute............
enjoy your stamps.. Michael
PS and please look at my stampoffers lots


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