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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Collectors Buying With Confidence – what is a stock image??

 Part XIV

Collectors Buying With Confidence –      what is a stock image??    

Hello,  yes I am back as finally I have another topic.  I have been waiting on a few purchases to arrive.  One purchase in particular.  I will be honest and say I wasted my money but it was not anything much and I was thinking at the time it might give me material to write about. And sure as day follows night, it has done. 

Received the order today.  Opened the envelope carefully – I always do and I recommend you always do because in my experience  well over 50% of people who sell stamps on these online marketplaces have absolutely no idea how to pack stamps, especially mint stamps and perhaps  anecdotally people who say, ,stock  photo. 

I had two mint stamps in the order as you can see and as I opened the envelope one fell out.   Luckily the cat knows not to lick stamps.  Am joking here, I don’t have a cat! 

But the real point is this.  Collectors buying with confidence should not in my humble opinion as a rule, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, should not buy from a seller that says in their description, stock photo, or stock picture or example of the stamp you will get.    That is my rule.  I only did it this time to prove I was right. 

I think in some circles it is called click bait. Whatever, it is tantamount to a con trick. If you cannot see what you are buying, perhaps you should either ask to see it, or move on to the next store. 

In this example I don’t mind wasting the money as I have something to show and perhaps to help other collectors buy with confidence and reduce the likelihood of you being disappointed when the stamp or stamps arrive.   Bit of a click bait listing wasn’t it! The seller had no intention of selling stamps even close to the one listed.



Michael …. Please visit my online store    where I think you will see quality and appropriately described stamps.  


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