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Friday, September 01, 2023

Collectors Buying With Confidence – Stamp Colour and Scan

 Hello again. Today I asked myself this question. It is one that crosses my mind more often than I would like.  Should I ask the seller for another scan of the stamp they are selling because the colour is not what I think the actual colour of the stamp to be?

Two stamps.  Which is the correct colour?  Which stamp should I buy?  Actually I can show more than two but these will do for this example.  How can I as a collector buy with confidence? 

I guess ask the two sellers for another scan of the stamp(s) and see what happens.  Perhaps like me you feel uncomfortable doing that.  We shouldn’t be uncomfortable, should we?

As collectors, as buyers, we should make sure what we are buying is in an acceptable condition, including the colour it was printed in.  Colours change for many reasons - this is another topic of course - but this is a mint stamp so one might expect the colour to still be true to the colour it was when it was printed.  Anyway, we are not talking about a $1 stamp / stamp set but one in a set that has a catalog listing, in this example, of USD $150.

 I might report back in a future article on this as I decided to buy the listing. It had another “aspect” to it which might make for another Collectors Buying with Confidence topic.

 Have a brilliant and philatelic weekend.

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