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Monday, August 28, 2023

A new series - Collectors buying with Confidence

 Another 2 months have passed. How did that happen?   In my last post I said I was going to start a new series on Quality and Condition.  It has been in my head but not here on the blog. So here I am, yes  really starting this. 

I have been criticised for being negative in my thinking because I talk about this topic in some peoples minds too often. I don’t think anyone can ever talk too much on a topic that will help collectors.  That is my point of view.  And I want to see collectors enjoy this wonderful hobby and not think that stamp sellers are “a bunch of crooks”. 

I was told that years ago. Of course it is not true but with the explosion of sellers on so many online marketplaces, like in any walk of life, there are people selling whose values and ethics and knowledge is perhaps not up to par.    Many, less than qualified shall I say, sellers just don’t know any different and are not prepared to learn how to be a responsible seller.

 Many collectors are learning as well. So the focus on this series, which I really do intend to keep writing on a regular basis, every few days is my aim, will be to show by example what to learn about and what to look out for as a collector.

 If there is one thing that disturbs me it is that in years to come collectors, or their families, will be parting with their collections and I hope they do not find it is worth way less than they thought because what they thought they bought was not really as it was described.  Sure, maybe the market value has just not remained where it was when they bought their stamps.   More likely is it will be because the seller sold them a stamp that just was of a poor quality, or not described appropriately and overpriced.

Everything I write about will be based on real experiences I have personally seen. I will not make up situations.

Enough for now – Tomorrow  the first topic -  “Should you see the reverse of a stamp you are thinking of buying”?

 See you tomorrow I hope. 

Michael …. Please visit my online store    where I think you will see quality and appropriately described stamps.  


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