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Friday, April 13, 2007

new stamp blog.. and the answer was US $60

You all know how I don't like competition just joking... smile .... I think it great that people start stamp blogs because it is so interesting and informative for us all to be able to read and share in others philatelic interests and thoughts.

so a new stamp blog for you.. and what a good start this is. I am looking forward to reading this one. Do have a look, especially for a really lovely copy of the 50c Bluenose issued in January 1929. the link will be in my favourites but here it is

Also.. the seriously damaged stamp I showed in my last writing sold for US $60... and am I upset.. no one wrote to me.. sad smile :-(

Finally, there are some really nice and collectable stamps on eBay.. watch this space.. if I win I think you might like what I have to show.. cannot tell you .. well can I.. I dont want you bidding against me now, do I

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.... Michael


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