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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nepal Orchids..on stamps..

Hello.. and I hope you had a good weekend.. I have spent my "allocated stamp time" watching some eBay lots.. I had to sleep and got outbid.. shucks.. then I was driving and got stuck in a traffic slowdown due road works on the freeway ( yes we call them freeways over here) and got home after the other lot I was going to bid on closed. So all in all a great weekend as I didn't spend a penny

I am watching two really nice lots at the moment.... one I am high bidder on but it closes at about 2am my time.. so could well lose out again.. even though I bid higher than I really wanted to.. and the other lot I am watching will close in 7 days.. so plenty of time for that .. lovely stamps.. I will show you in a weeks time.. and tell you what it sells for.. probably more than I can afford.. but hey it doesn't do any harm to look does it.

How about these.. what lovely stamps.. A reader from Nepal sent then to me.. well the scan.. I would have to buy the M/S or FDC covers.. might do at that.. will see what happens with this other eBay lot I am watching..

Have you bid on eBay recently.. tell me your experiences.. do you wait for the last 10 seconds?? or do you have a bidding strategy?? .. I'll share one of mine in a few days... you might be surprised.. and well informed if you read it... seriously.. I think I can save you money..
enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael


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