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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cochin.. where.. ???

Hello everyone, something different tonight.. today I was asked to go and speak at a function in Cochin end of next week.. sounds exciting and something I would really enjoy doing although don't get too excited as I am also being asked to speak at meetings here in Sydney.. guess which one will win out..????? well actually I honestly don't know.. I will see who has most clout.. so to speak..
Anyway.. it occurred to me.. where is this place.. and what stamps do they have.. I know I would like to visit Cochin as it is in Kerala and the state is supposedly one of the top three tourist destinations in the world.. so what do you know about the postal authority there. or.. that was there ... anyone able to send me any stamps I have seen some stamps but cannot copy the images to show you.. can you send me some images please.. .. I hope to be able to share some of the stamps with others...
hope to hear from you..... enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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