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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Hello,    I received a few stamps in the mail today.    How exciting!   I purchased one because I   just knew the colour was wrong.  I wrote previously (that Hong Kong stamp) about  sellers enhancing the colour of a stamp image.  Well here is a classic.

It is all very well saying buyer beware, perhaps buyer take care is more relevant.   If you doubt the  reality ask yourself is it what you want? or will you just know when you get the stamp it will be the  correct colour anyway? and you will be happy.   If the later do as I do and buy. If you are expecting a stamp you think will be worth a fortune because it is a colour variety that the seller has missed,  I suggest you think twice.

So this is just another example to show you and perhaps help in your thinking.  Oh! and one other thing.  

When the seller says,  and I quote.."  Very Sound..."   and does not show a reverse image, maybe,  just maybe,  you could question that, depending on the seller of course.   Although I will never write  "Very Sound" in descriptions of cddstamps  listings - I think it sounds rather false to be honest, it comes across as, trust me I am a stamp dealer and makes you think,  hmmmm maybe not  --  you can know, subject to us really having a bad day,  a Mint Never hinged stamp is just that.

Why did I tell you that?  Oh yes!, here is an image of the reverse of the Very Sound stamp, the reverse of the stamp on the right above. A new definition to Very Sound, one I am not aware of.

Enjoy your collecting.   Michael  cddstamps   


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