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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hello,  I am still here,  survived a Richter 7 earthquake,  all rooms  with superficial cracks in the walls  but most importantly the stamp inventory is fine :-)  My wife is fine as well,   Thanks for asking!! :-)

Ok let's show a stamp or three and to promote sales from the store - sales have been very slow of late - we will send a free pair of cddstamps tongs - as below image - for every order of $5 stamp value.   ....valid from now until  let's say Friday 19th August -  a week from now.  Just  send a message to us with your order using the Ask a Question button and say you saw  this promo on our blog.

What do you collect?  How about Bermuda. We loaded a  few more to the store recently. Here is something  I doubt you have......  3 copies of  SG 122 (Scott 129) with different overprint positions and shades. Nice addition we think and only asking $1.95.  

And the tongs,  a cddstamps special and we use them every day  - never use another style after using these.

we have also loaded more Hong Kong, Philippines,  Ethiopia  some nice stamps there which we are rather pleased with, and even a few GB and others but I forget where.

We look forward to welcoming you in the store   and becoming a cddstamps customer.

Best wishes  stay safe and enjoy your stamps   Michael


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