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Monday, July 08, 2019

Hello everyone, so sorry for not writing for weeks and weeks. I was in the UK for 5 weeks and just no time. And I really do not have much to write about as most of my time since I got back has been catching up with emails, packing orders from the online cddstamps shop and trying to organise myself now I am back home.

I did pick up lots of new GB stock when in the UK and if you collect GB I think you will be very pleased with what we will be listing over the coming two months. It will take that time just because it does and because I also have a trip to Australia in 10 days. Might get some new / recent Australia material as well for the store. All just to freshen up the stock we offer.

Have you been following the GB new issues. I cannot keep up with them. Far too many and far too frequent and far to expensive. Keep to the basics I think is best and forget the booklets and presentation packs and miniature sheets. Much of what we will be listing in the shop in coming weeks and months will be 2016 through 2019 commemoratives. Quite hard to find such material used. And that is what we like to offer. Anyone can collect mint by just buying from the online stores. No fun in that eh!!!!! better the have postally used in one's collection? Well we all collect something different I expect. As long as we enjoy it that is all that matters.

Hope to see you in the store here cddstamps or here if you need to copy the URL into your browser

Hope you like the two stamps shown - another way for Royal Mail to make money from the collector - yes se-tenant issues are now the rage in the UK it seems. Just wait to you see the new Sports issue on July 9th

Enjoy your stamps .. Michael


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