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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hello, As you can see from the image, I have been sorting. I have been meaning to do this for years, but since I have been listing more Machins to the Online store I decided to look through a few boxes for more GB Regionals. I have plenty in stock albums but given there are some rather high catalogue perfs and redrawn printings I thought why not look to see what else I can find. I had forgotten the number of packets I had and well you know how it is, once you get started it is fun so why stop.

Then this comment, Mr Dodd you do realise we have people coming for dinner tonight. Ooooops. Table needs to be cleaned doesn't it. Well it is now, all in stock albums where they should be and I live to sort another day :-)

Then I thought what is your caption to the image? It would make a fun competition perhaps. So here it is. I will send 100 different Machins to whoever comes up with the best - as by my judgement - caption to this image. Send me your words by February 1st to and include your mailing address - no address no possible chance of winning as I will not be able to mail the stamps to you. Perhaps you will get a nice Valentines gift!

And, if you are short of a Machin or two, GB or England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales Regionals please visit the Online Store. and enjoy seeing what we have on offer. Of visit us here to see the other British Commonwealth countries we stock. Over 38,000 listing and 10,700+ feedbacks.

Enjoy your philately Michael


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