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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hello, I would like to do one more piece on the George VI stamps, this time on the 1939 – 48 high value definitives and with a focus on stamp condition.

An interesting issue with 6 values issued at various times between September 1939 and October 1948.

First some trivia to the stamps themselves.  As noted in the SG Specialised Catalogue, courtesy of SG: Edmund Dulac’s was responsible for the design of the 2/6d and 5/- stamps, and George Bellew for the 10/- and £1 value.  As was the case for the low values definitives, which I wrote about a few days ago, the colours were changed during the Second World War. The 2/6d was changed from brown to green, and the 10/- from dark blue to ultramarine.

I think these make for an interesting set of 6 to have in your collection, and especially to have fine used copies. I say this because it seems to me the majority of the copies one comes across are from parcel usage and with heavy to extremely heavy parcel cancels.  Cancels which basically ruin the stamps from a collectors’ perspective.

These stamps are also worth studying as there are numerous varieties or flaws to find. You can see these described in the SG Specialised catalogue. They are too numerous to cover here but they include various marks or gashes to the Kings crown on the 2/6d brown value to various re-entry marks on the other values, with of course the flaw I wrote about in my first piece on GVI issues on the 10/- dark blue.

My main theme though is the condition of the stamp. I have seen so many of this issue across the various auction sites and philatelic portals described as good used or fine used that I sometimes despair. The seller should know better but I feel more for the collector who may not be experienced enough to know when the seller is, shall I say “overstating” the condition. The above, SG 478 was described as Fine Used,  derrgghhh   note it even has a short corner perforation.

SG does a brilliant job describing stamp condition in their catalogues. I recommend reading their material if you have access to it. They use SG 476b in the description of condition and I reprint their interpretation of Superb, Very Fine, Fine, Average and Poor.

They miss the condition quality we frequently see for sale on various auction sites and philatelic portals!  “RHPC PIG”  -  Really Horrible Parcel Cancel  Put in Garbage”   My own little joke.   Of course it might be collectible as a spacefiller until such time you can afford or come across a better copy. But I suggest you do not pay good money for these.

Another example just to prove my point. this set of six, described as Very Fine Used. Like get real dear seller. And you should see some listed as Superb. Enough of my rantings J  but seriously I hope this is useful for the collector.

Enjoy your stamps and especially those in lovely condition after being postally used 

Best wishes.....Michael   ......  where, as you must know by now, you can fill a few gaps in your GB GVI collection, and where I try really hard to correctly described the stamp condition. PS  If you want a RHPC  for free just write to me at and I will send you a  better version of those I have (of the 200 plus copies of have) for free, so you have a spacefiller at least.  And one final plug, my online store has a 10% discount on all GB for Friday 13th and the weekend ahead.  Just click here 


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