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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hello, I have been thinking about what to write about and show you and then I saw these two in my stock. Impossible to see the difference from the image, but there is a difference and if you collect Bermuda I would think it would be nice to have both in your collection. Not expensive either.

SG 140 for the left stamp with spelling Sandy's and SG 140a for the right stamp with the spelling Sandys.  Is it the name of the Point to the very left of the island. See image below

Apart form telling you these and plenty more nice Bermuda are now loaded in the cddstamps online store I wanted to share again how important it is to have a good catalogue so you can see if and when there are varieties like these.

If you collect Bermuda I am sure you are aware, if not just have a look next time  you see this stamp at the detail and which one you have.

Enjoy your stamps..  Michael


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