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Thursday, November 12, 2015

cddstamps Christmas Competition

Hello everyone,
 I want to introduce this Christmas Special competition early, so you have time to enter.
Closing date will be Saturday  5th December. That will give me time to get the CDDSTAMPS Christmas present to the winners. There will three winners.
1st prize a lovely magnifying glass (sorry I cannot include batteries -  postage restrictions - you will have to add them)  the same one as I use.
2nd A really nice stamp perforation gauge – same as I use
3rd prize – a pair of cddstamps tweezers – and yes, same as I use.

Subject to how many entries I receive I will maybe add more prizes. I will be paying all postage and packing as well as donating the prizes.

I will also add a surprise few stamps or a surprise Miniature sheet

To enter just complete the crossword.  You can request a copy [email me at]  if this prints too small for you or after using cntl+ a few times you cannot see it ( you should be able to) 

Send it to me (scan your completed crossword, or write the answers for each question in an email)  

Please include your mailing address. No address, no winner.  I do not keep addresses and anyway people do move so please do not assume I have your address.

Enjoy your stamps, and please don’t forget, when you are looking to fill a few gaps in your collection please visit CDDSTAMPS  at BIDSTART  orSTANLEY GIBBONS MARKETPLACE   where I think I have a pretty useful selection of GB and British Commonwealth stamps in my stock of 16,000+ listing.       

​Enjoy   Best wishes...Michael



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