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Thursday, October 03, 2013

One stamp to say what I am saying to you all. Hello. SG 2568.  I do like this issue. 2005 Smilers from the booklet issue. Useful catalogue price as well. I have a few for sale in my Bidstart store if this or others from the issue are gaps in your collection. Please have a look  under GB of course
Of course my favourite is the Love stamp. :-)  SG 2569a :-)
One correction from a previous post. I wrote about the GB £2 stamp the other night. I got the issue wrong.

The £2 stamps I showed were of course the recess-printed version (engraved by Slania). These don't come with the missing pound sign variety, only the gravure-printed ones do. Thanks to the very knowledgeable Adrian Keppel who writes a great piece every Friday for  Stamp Magazine  - do read him  - I know you will enjoy his writings at Friday tomorrow, then more stamps on the weekend. Hope same for you

Best wishes.... Michaelwww.cddstamps.comoh!,  and if you haven't seen my October Newsletter and want a copy just email me at and i will send it to you. One page of easy reading.. 


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