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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello, back to Australia stamps tonight. I am sorting a few and found these. Nice, VFU and with Cat value at £0.90 each.    I think these are very collectible.  They are from the 1996 issue to commemorate the Centenary of Australian Football League and each stamp in the set shows a player in their team colours. Now you would think having lived in Australia for many years and being able to read !!!  I would be able to identify them from the catalogue listing. But I cannot.  Anyone know the SG numbers for these. left to right? All I know about the game is they play with a funny shaped ball :-)

I am listing in my Bidstart store ( but if someone really wants them I am sure I can hold of listing for a few days) click image to see larger size.

Look forward to hearing from someone.

Best wishes.. Michael


At 5:40 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Hi: The third stamp is SG 1600 (Fremantle), and the fourth stamp is SG 1597 (St Kilda). See

The first and second stamps are from a different set: the 1999 "100 years of Test Rugby". The first is SG 1883 ("Kicking the ball against England") and the second is SG 1882 ("Catching the ball against New Zealand").


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