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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello,  am back from Melbourne and the opening day, yesterday, of the World Stamp Expo 2013. What an excellent day it was. Met up with some people I had only had email contact with previously, visited many standholders, and, made a few purchases, well one is so tempted.

Hope you like seeing the above special limited edition MS. Only 250 copies  of this special show souvenir prepared by the organising committee. This is the intaglio MS (stamp imperf) overprinted with the Australia 2013 show logo in red. There was one also overprinted in gold, again limited edition of 250 and I was also able to get one of those. Nice souvenir collectibles I think.

Wonderful day and if you are in Melbourne I would encourage you to find a few hours to visit the show.

Have a great weekend

Michael, and of course


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