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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello,      I will be travelling overseas in a few days, spending time in Hong Kong and UK.  Hopefully will visit a few stamp stores.  For sure in Hong Kong.  The reason I am telling you this is, if you buy from my Bidstart store during next three days I will mail your order before I leave. If after three days then there will be a few weeks delay in my sending your order.

Motivation to buy??? well quality and a chance to fill some gaps in your collection at very  good prices. AND, you can get the Butterflies block from Angola (above) if you are the first order I receive, or  the Hong Kong 100 years of Powered Flight MS if you are not the first order.... for free. No other conditions. :-)

You can find me at seller ID michaelatcddstamps at or just click this link   easy as :-)   but take some time as I now have 2300+ lots listed...   with an .... excellent selection of GB, Australia, Canada, older USA, Rhodesia, Fiji, PNG, Norfolk Island, and so much more

I hope you enjoy looking and that you  keep me really busy before my flights. As some of you will know I do my very best to get current Australia commemorative stamps hand franked on the letters I send to you so you get collectible stamps from me on my letters

I may write while overseas. If not.....  best wishes and enjoy your stamps.



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