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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello, There I was looking through eBay, as one does, looking at A380 on stamps and I saw some listings for A380 FFC covers - well they did not actually say they were covers - but were described as FFC. That is First Flight Covers. But guess what, one had a stamp from Cuba, yes Cuba, and franked from Cuba and then all these overprints with Korean Air A380. Now I don't know how much you know about FFC covers or what you actually think is a FFC but to me a FFC cover in just that, an envelope, or if correctly described as a card ok, designed for the inaugural flight and carried on the flight. Not some envelope or card maybe that was franked in some far off place that has nothing to do with the flight or the aircraft, like Ireland or Cuba or even a USA stamped envelope / card for some UN event. Ye gods and people are bidding on these "pieces of paper"

It worries me that there are "collectors" out there thinking they are getting FFCs when in fact they are getting nothing of the sort. I was on all three Korean Air A380 inaugurals, as you may recall from my previous writings and I can assure you no one else was carrying FFCs on the flight. The crew would have told me I am sure.

So this to tell you. Buyer beware. Hey! it is up to you what you spend your money on but don't think you are getting genuine FFCs when they have stamps on them franked from Cuba or Ireland or many other places the A380 has been nowhere near, other than 39,000 feet hahahahaha

For genuine covers I hope you enjoy looking at cddstamps or my ebay listing 250873709939. My covers come with a Certificate of Authenticity and photos of me and the crew and the covers. - or my other A380 FFCs - No misrepresentation from me I can assure you.

have a great weekend and I hope you don't get fleeced as we say!!! ..........Michael


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