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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hello everyone. I am back. Been busy as always and back in Australia for a long weekend and just don't know where the time goes these days. Anyone trying to post a comment will find I changed authorisation levels because some nut out there was spamming me comments and since I have not logged in for a while I didn't see legit comments.

Anyway I brought back lots of stamps and have spent time sorting and yes, you guessed it, listing them for auction on Please do have a look. I just finished listing 164 lots. Bargins galore as I am trying to clear all the stuff I have horded over the years and because over 90% of the lots have an opening bid to cover my postage and packing, with no other charges. So you will get quality and value.

I have been looking at various auction sites as one does, for the fun of it, and next time I'll show you some more of the quality being sold by one amazing dealer. Why he just doesn't throw the stamps in the garbage I do not know. He must have some auto relist on as well, because I found one stamp that keeps reappearing even though no one (in their right mind) is buying. But if you want to see some nice material - you decide - just visit my lots at ---- user name michaelatcddstamps.

And finally for now, a scan of a little project I have started.

Machins bore some people but have always held my interest. I now have two albums of the security print issues ( one 2nd class, one first class, and have been patiently studying and sorting. I got myself a new magnifying glass at the Temple Street night markets here in Hong Kong, at a very very cheap price and it is wonderful. Helps study these. Oh, anyone know how I can scan them to show the security lettering? Please write to me.

Best wishes and hope to hear from some of you. Michael


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Machin Man said...

Hi Michael

click on this site and copy the pics


By the way resend me your address I have a few stamps for you, and yes lots of security codes 1st / 2nd class to sort through.


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