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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello, I started to list on Bidstart and a few more on eBay. 23 lots on Bidstart - you can find me at michaelatcddstamps and I think you will find something of interest and perhaps make a bid. The value and quality is there, of that I can assure you. I was speaking with a dealer the other day and he was telling me how the price in the catalogues is definately low and the price that quality material should be fetching is going to increase as it really is undervalued. Not my thinking but what is reflected everywhere these days on the stamp scene. If you wnat something cheap then don't expect quality as well.

I have a few loys on eBay as well - again at user michaelatcddstamps - these lots are GB Commemorative selections. In my humble view extremely good value (high catalogue and should be higher in many cases) and I hope there is some bidding as I have started the prices very low. Why? well I am trying to raise a few dollars as the Korean Air A380 inaugural is in June and I would dearly like to get on it.

If you do nothing else I hope you enjoy looking at the lots. And the image above is one of my Bidstart lots. Pretty nice I think.

Best wishes.. Michael


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