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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Are you sure I am in the right class.........

I was thinking I would ask for the best caption to this picture......
I have a few ideas myself I must admit.
Being there in person this afternoon certainly gave me a few thoughts.

I have just spent the weekend well, much of it anyway, as a Cross Country event judge At the Sydney International Equestrian Centre at a FEI World Cup Qualifier. And how interesting and exciting. Hope you like these pictures - a few I was able to take.

The showjumping also was stunning. Just seeing the course being walked and knowing these people were mostly, well lets just say, not too short, certainly makes you glad you are watching, ........... so you tell me a caption. I'll find a prize to whoever makes me laugh the most to the first picture
And I have these Australian stamps so thought I'd show you them as they are also lovely horses and lovely stamps.

Enjoy your stamps..and maybe horses as well.. Michael
Email me at and PS, for any purists amoungst you, the time stamp on my camera is 2 hours ahead of itself, as it was set when I was overseas.


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