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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I was sorting a bag of stamps today and came across a few cards with some GB Wilding High Values. Here are two I found. I hope the scan shows them as nice as they are in real life. Lovely stamp design in my view.

An interesting issue really and one I have studied a little bit. Well studied as in the copies of these stamps that I have.

The first issue was in 1955 with the 2/-6d and 5/- stamps released on the same day and the 10/- and ₤1 stamps issued on another day. Which were issued first????... anyone know or guess without checking? Not what you would think.

The issues were printed by Waterlow until December of that year, 1955, then there was a De La Rue issue of the same stamps. And, all four stamps, when reissued, were issued on different dates. Anyone know why? I don't know I have to admit, seemed odd to me.

There are some differences in the stamps by the different printers as well and if you have any of these stamps do look carefully at them. One difference is because there were later isues, different watermarks and different printers again, De La Rue and Bradbury Wilkinson both printed the next issues in 1959 through 1968, then Bradbury Wilkinson again in 1967/1968.

Lots to study. For example, all values look alike to the casual observation but lets take the 5/- example above.. the 1968 issue by Bradbury Wilkinson, no watermark is catalogued used at 75p, while the 1955 Waterlow issue with watermark St Edwards Crown is catalogued at ₤4 while the De La Rue 1958 printing of the "same" stamp is catalogued at ₤10. Big differences.

Check your stamps carefully. One more example: The 1967 ₤1 no watermark is catalogued at ₤6 yet the 1958 De La Rue printing is catalogued at ₤65. You wouldn't want to be cataloguing them wrongly would you. Or, dare I say it, thinking you were buying the 1958 issue when in fact what you got was the 1967 issue.

Lots to pay attention to. Now I wonder what printing and watermark I have on these two :-)

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Michael, do the 1955 Waterlow and 1958 De La Rue printings have the same watermarks? In SC they list a 1959 issue (does not state printer) that has the multiple crown watermark versus the 1955 issue of crown and E2R.

At 5:12 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Mark, Hi, the 1955 issue has the St Edwards Crown watermark, and the 1958 issue has the Multiple Crown Watermark.

Write me at for more if you wish.

Best wishes.. Michael


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