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Monday, February 11, 2008

Antarctic covers............. finally

Hello everybody..... I do hope you have not given up on me.. I was away this weekend.. and on my return I found my modem had blown... so yet another new one installed today... and here I am back on line.

The covers shown are, finally, the Antarctic covers I had flown on December 31st / January 1st. Finally came back from Australia Post.
For more details please have a look at The cover
shown below is for sale at US $7.50 including packaging and postage.
As you can see it is authenticated by one of the Captains on the flight. No use me telling you this is a bargain, but of course it is. There were only 44 covers produced. If you are reading this and reserved a cover I will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours... or by all means write to me again at

Do have a look at the web site .. you may like to collect a set of the Antarctic penguins on these covers. A very special and extremely limited edition and unrepeatable.
Hope you enjoy these. Best wishes.. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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