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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new GB Machins

Hello everyone, I have not done GB for a while so the time is right. And there are these new GB Machin definitives being issued in April by Royal Mail.
As always I am impressed by the colours, although I think you might find some of the colours have been used before on different denomination stamps. But what ones. I have not checked. Send me an email at and I’ll send a GB FDC to the first 5 reasonably correct answers.

Now, this could be my last competition for a while. I am taking up a new role and will be commuting between Sydney and Seoul………… yes I know it is a long way to commute but the role in Seoul is something I want to do. And a new opportunity for stamps. So if you are reading this and in Seoul please write to me. Lets make contact. Or if you have contacts in Seoul please introduce me. I will have my evenings free………….. until I get to know some people there.
Ok, here are the new GB definitives .. and many thanks to A really good stamp board…

The new postage rates in the UK take effect on 7 April - the basic inland rate will rise, 1st class from 34p to 36p and 2nd class from 24p to 27p. The basic rates for 1st class Large Letters will increase from 48p to 52p and 2nd class from 40p to 48p. International rates will also increase. New Country Stamps valued 50p and 81p will be issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in the existing designs.

Now, will anyone out there tell me the Royal Mail have not found a way to make money.. so many classes of charges and therefore so many increases.. just imagine.. …had they had just first and second class lets say.. only two price increases………… brilliant business model at the RM.. bad for stamps collectors of course.
Enough from me.. nite……………… enjoy your stamps ………………. Michael


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