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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was reminded yesterday that I really must not type so fast, or if I do, then I must proof read what I type. I am usually short for time when I write, thus the occasional typo.. my apology to all.. but someone once told me that people don't always see the typos because they read what they know is being written. But since collectors are looking for the flaw in the stamps you study, then why would your trained eye not see my typos. Oh well.. here I am typing so slowlyy.................. and still I make misteaks ha ha ha ha ha ( deliberate joke error ok!!!!!!!!

As for stamps.. I received these on a letter the other day.
The Portugal cork stamp and a couple of the bird definitives. I thought they were nice and that it was nice to get a real postally used copy of the cork stamp. Thanks.. I am looking at what to send as a way of thanks.

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes... Michael


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