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Friday, July 13, 2007

stamp quality for a change

Hello, I have not written on this subject for a while. I am out of town for the weekend and with some relaxation time I decided to look at an auction site - not eBay - to see what was happening there.

Same old same old as far as Great Britain is concerned... same sellers selling pretty poor quality material described as fine... sad me thinks as there are many hundreds, often thousands of sales to these sellers. Still, buyer beware.

Much of the high priced material is unsold... thankfully it won't be sold as the quality is so bad.. 5% of cat would be ok. by 25% is asking way too much.

I am not going to show an example of that. I have something better.... well in my view.

How about this..

Lovely little piece of rubbish eh!!! being auctioned for 14c US.. Scott cat is, according to the seller, 45c US.. Now why would you buy this. ?? I cannot think of one reason.

It is damaged, many times over, and it has a very heavy postmark Two pretty good reasons not to buy. But a third is the postage it will cost you as well.

So you might as well send your money to me.. I pay your postage and send you lots of these, and others in the same set and other GVI including even high values... see my offers on my website... which I have not updated for ages but the offers are still valid.... ooops I got into plugging my web site and sales.

But seriously.... please, if you need this sort of stamp.. use people like me to help build your collection, or join a GB club and trade with others.. this is the most common material around.. and you should not have to pay money for it.

If you want this set - yes including the one high value - and are prepared to pay my postage costs and a small handling charge I'll even send a set free to the first 2 emails to

Or look at a decent GB stamps website... email me and I'll give you the URL...where you can buy the set for £1 plus postage and I can assure you the stamps wll be in much better condition than this example. Oh and a UK dealer I have no links with at all I might add, other than I have bought from him over the years.

Ok, so the moral of this piece, please don't think you have to buy material like this on auction sites. If you are not sure..write to me.. oh yes, and check if the seller is an IPDA member.. Internet Philatelic Dealers Association..

ok.. enjoy your stamps and have a great weekend.. best wishes.. ...Michael


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