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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quezonpex3... November 22nd .. today opening day

I have written about this before but just wanted to remind you again - today was the first official day of the virtual philatelic exhibit, QUEZONPEX 3. Do have a look.. it is really quite something.
click here

This is the FDC that was issued for the exhibit. Rather nice.

Notice the little vehicle to the left, this is a Jeepney - a common public utility vehicle in the Philippines known for its sturdiness and colorful designs, it also shows the Coconut tree - the main crop of Quezon Province, popularly known as the tree of life.

Enjoy the exhibit, and hey… maybe think about an exhibit you could put together.. all the advice you need is there on the web site.

Best wishes…Michael


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Click to zoom in on my visitor map!
Click to zoom in on my visitor map!