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Thursday, October 19, 2006

what you dont know about Machin :-)

Hello everyone.. time for a trivia question.. and something I hope you will find interesting

Machin stamps... well no.. and then yes...... The Arnold Machin , how about a pub, .........based in the Potteries near Stoke on Trent where the artist worked for Wedgewood.

This drinking hole is developed from a former Post Office, now owned by the J D Wetherspoons chain. The pub is aptly named after the man who is responsable for the sale of how many definitive postage stamps, which collectors have given his name, specialists have named their societies after etc etc

The Pub.

see picture... Machin would turn in his grave if he knew about the service, it is about as slow as it was when the GPO owned it, except they've disposed of the queue rail, and the clerks. The decor is not badly done out, as per most Wetherspoons. Some relation to postal history and a few pictures of the Machin theme are all that remind us it was a post office. Unfortuately its not a stamp collectors meeting place, it's the second home of various alcoholics and derelicts after a cheap pint.

So how many Machin stamps have been issued. . send me a number.. clue.. in the billions..... closest will get a FDC.. one I am sure you will like.. Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps......Michael


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